Friday, 01 April 2022 12:13

Marketing Agency in Denver Boosts Field Hockey Interest

At Real FiG Advertising + Marketing, we recently completed a 6-month marketing project for our client, USA Field Hockey. Our marketing agency in Denver handled a variety of marketing operations for our client to accomplish their goal of increasing female athlete attendance at their training camps across the U. S. We’re proud to say that we were able to generate some great metrics for their 2022 field hockey program. 

Who is USA Field Hockey?

USA Field Hockey is the national governing body for field hockey in the United States. The organization is headquartered in Colorado Springs, CO with the simple mission of promoting the game of field hockey in the United States. They accomplish that goal by: 

  • Growing the sport for future generations.
  • Helping members achieve their field hockey ambitions and creating value for continued membership.
  • Succeeding internationally with competitive success and improved performance.
  • And being an effective sports leader.

It was an easy decision when FiG decided to team up with USA Field Hockey to support their 2022 program. Keep reading to find out what our marketers did for them. 

How our Marketing Agency in Denver Supported USA Field Hockey’s Growth

For approximately 6 months from 2021 to 2022, Real FiG Advertising + Marketing gradually implemented and optimized a series of marketing initiatives to increase athlete registrations for the USA Field Hockey 2022 program. Our hyper-targeted marketing efforts included tactics such as email marketing campaigns, display ad campaigns, and social ad campaigns.

Email Marketing Campaigns

The core piece of our marketing efforts was email marketing. At FiG, we used a CRM system called SharpSpring to distribute email marketing campaigns to a wide number of interested parties. These emails not only informed users of the field hockey training programs, but also kept USA Field Hockey at the top of their minds due to the iterative exposure.

Throughout our 6-month project, we delivered over 110 emails to lists of past field hockey athletes and parents of athletes that were provided to us by the USA Field Hockey team. 

Display Ad Campaigns

To acquire registrations for our client’s training programs, FiG ran and optimized a series of display ad campaigns across the Google Ad Network and other display networks. These ads were retargeting individuals in our email marketing campaigns and individuals from the USA Field Hockey website. . We also created, managed, and optimized another display ad campaign on mobile devices that specifically targeted geo-fenced audiences from field hockey events across the country. 

Facebook Ad Campaigns

To round out our marketing strategy, FiG additionally leverages Facebook ad campaigns in two different ways. First, we targeted U.S.-based females with a field hockey interest. And second, we targeted all followers of the USA Field Hockey Facebook page.

With these combined marketing efforts, FiG managed to generate some great results for our client.

The Results of our Multi-Pronged Marketing Strategy

Based on our marketing efforts, FiG has managed to deliver some great results for USA Field Hockey. By the registration deadline in February 2022, we had seen: 

  • A 49% open rate on all email campaigns with an average CTR of 2.42%
  • A 0.42% click-through rate (CTR) for both the retargeting campaign and the mobile banner campaign
  • And a 10.49% increase year-over-year in total registered athletes for the 2022 field hockey program

We’re pleased with the results we generated for USA Field Hockey this year and we hope to have another opportunity to outdo ourselves next year.

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