Monday, 11 August 2014 03:46

Marketing News: Shark Week

Well, I don't know if we can call this “Marketing News”, per say, but August 10th - 16th is 'Shark Week' and we all know what that means: everyone is hopping on the boat… or off the boat?

Anyways… it’s only day 2 (as of today, August 11th) and advertisers are already chomping at the leg (pun intended) to take advantage of shark infested waters.

Shark Week Twitter Highlights:

Hot Pockets:

Hot Pockets Shark Week Shark Week

Southern Comfort:

Southern Comfort Shark Week


Lush Cosmetics:

Lush Cosmetics Shark Week

Dunkin Donuts:

Dunkin Donuts Shark Week

And yes, even good ol' Cap'n Crunch:

Cap'n Crunch Shark Week

Need more? Get on Twitter and search #SharkWeek -- unless you have a life.