Monday, 15 December 2014 05:46

New Client: Sport Shieldz Protective Head Gear

We are pleased to announce our new client: Sport Shieldz Protective Head Gear

Sport Sheildz Logo

FiG will be assisting with SEO and creating more search traffic and increased awareness to the Sport Shieldz brand overall, as well as helping to improve the website via updates and additions to content.

About Sport Shieldz Protective Headgear:

Sport Shieldz® Protective Head Gear provides an extra layer of impact dissipating padding, when worn with any helmet, reduces the energy or G-force, which would have normally reached the skull. Sport Shieldz may also help improve the fit by filling the extra space between the head and the shell of a helmet, while adding a more comfortable feel with its patented impact dissipating foam.

Sport Shieldz® protective headgear is made of moisture wicking, washable antimicrobial material. Sport Shieldz® offers headgear for every type of helmet ranging from youth sports helmets, adult sports and protective helmets, to safety hard hats. Sport Shieldz® come in a variety of sizes and styles and are designed for use in numerous applications.

Sport Shieldz® is committed to head safety, and our protective head wear design has your head protection and comfort in mind at all times. The team at Sport Shieldz® is dedicated to research and product development of cutting edge comfortable head safety gear. Not only are we committed to developing quality head wear, but we also believe in educating athletes and parents of active children in the principals of head safety. We encourage the importance of wearing helmets and practicing proper activity techniques.

Sport Shieldz® remains committed to research and furthering beneficial advancements in head safety technology and is committed to providing top quality products to the consumer.

To learn more about Sport Shieldz, and to read more about their products, visit