Wednesday, 25 January 2012 01:00

New Client Announcement - Artemis Vision

FiG Advertising + Marketing is very pleased to announce that we will begin working with our newest client Artemis Vision. As a machine vision software and integration company, Artemis Vision is turning to us to design a professional brand identity.

A brand identity is different from a brand image, which is what consumers think of and feel about a brand. A brand identity on the other hand is assembled by the business owner and often reflects how the company wants their consumers to perceive the brand, products, and services they provide.

Overtime, consumers will be able to create their own perspective of a brand. The more well-defined and well-communicated a brand identity is, the more likely that the brand image in a consumer's mind and heart is similar to the original brand identity. Therefore, having a clearly-defined and strong brand identity is important in any industry for any company at the very beginning. Based on years of experience, we are confident that FiG's team will complete this project with the utmost quality and timeliness.

How well defined if your brand identity? Do you know how your customers picture your brand? If you have any brand related questions, don't hesitate to contact FiG for a FREE consultation and an improvement plan.