Thursday, 23 February 2012 02:00

New Client Announcement - The Petroleum Building

We at FiG Advertising are very excited to announce that once the home of the biggest "Petroleum Club" in the world, the Petroleum Building in Denver downtown has become one of FiG's most recent clients for a branding strategy project! This historical building is looking for a branding strategy that speaks to both its history & pride, and the up-to-date renovations, which have replaced obsolete systems.

The challenges that the Petroleum Building faces are two-fold. For starters, the brand has to present itself in two quite opposite positions: maintaining the history and pride that the building possessed from the late 90s while still reflecting the more recent upgrades and renovations to the building and its systems. The second challenge surrounds properly targeting four very different business categories that the building attracts. We must effectively utilize the brand to address and meet each segment's needs without creating conflicts or confusion to other segments.

What we will do:

  • Redesign the Petroleum Building's brand under these guidelines to represent for both historical and efficient images.

  • Research and develop a way to strategically position the Petroleum Building away/above its direct competitors.

  • Design collateral branding materials that represent this new brand

  • On-going copy-write and content updates