Thursday, 20 December 2012 09:37

New Client Announcement: Barnacle Bookkeeping

FiG is pleased to announce our new client Barnacle Bookkeeping!

The Client:

As their name may suggest, Barnacle Bookkeeping offers bookkeeping services. What isn't always immediately known is that Barnacle Bookkeeping also offers a variety of skills and services including tax, accounting and payroll for both businesses and individuals. They have experience within many industries and have overcome many accounting challenges within those industries. For Barnacle, the relationship and communication with the client is a very important part of the business relationship. Barnacle came to FiG a while back looking for insights into their market and audience. We found that some changes might benefit the company, and now they are back, ready for an update.

The Project:

FiG will be creating a new brand identity for Barnacle Bookkeeping which will consist of a logo, business card, and a tagline. Since their name tends to narrow the scope of their work, the goal is to widen that scope to better convey the vast skills and abilities of the company. We will then revise the current logo in order to reflect the changes in name and better communicate the overall message of the company threw a strong mark. Finally, FiG will roll out the new brand identity with a tagline and business cards, completing a cohesive message that will help Barnacle better represent their core abilities and overall services. Check back to see how it turns out!


If you are looking for a new brand or a refresh, contact FiG to see how we can help!