Thursday, 20 December 2012 06:06

Online Resources For Writers

There are many components to a successful digital marketing strategy but as Google and Google alternatives grow and companies adapt, there is one important strategy that shines above the rest: content!

Content marketing is comprised of two components, images and writing and of the two, I vote for the written word. In many ways the web is a writers world. Blogging, keywords and SEO (search engine optimization) strategy, your daily news, scientific research articles, patents, software help articles, advertising and more all depend on words. To the writers of this world, I challenge you, are you up to this diverse need? Fortunately, writers have a strong presence online and there are many online ways to improve, showcase and even sell your writing. Read on and discover how the web is a writers world.

First, as a writer, you need to market yourself. It's not surprising that letting your writing speak for you is important. The following are popular blogging platforms:

Let your world know when you have posted new work via these popular social media sites, start your conversations and build a fan base with social media: Popular and high traffic social media sites:

Specific sites for writers:

This is just a small selection, if you write in a specific genre, be sure and “Google” your genre! Since the internet is an open book that thrives on original content, take the time to make sure you are not being copied. Duplicate or similar content is not only damaging to your online reputation, you may also receive search ranking penalties from Google.

  • Copyscape – the content checking tool that is a standard in the journalism industry.

  • Dupli Checker – free online plagiarism detector.

  • Grammarly – checks your grammar and checks for duplicates.

  • Plagium - Free to use, online plagiarism check.

Sell your work online:

Are you considering publishing Ebooks? Be sure and read this:

And when you need inspiration and writing help, be sure to try this resource:

And finally, no excuses here, go to Meetup and find local blogger and writers groups to join. Take this final step and join others that are on your same quest. The above resources are just a few of my favorites, there are thousands of resources online for any aspect of writing and any genre or style.


Remember, the most important thing you can do is keep writing and then call FiG Advertising for an internet marketing strategy that pays!