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How Social Media In Denver Is Changing In 2021 And Beyond

Social media has come a long way from its humble beginning on MySpace. And the industry is continuing to evolve and change even today! Between new platforms, trends, and marketing methods, there are plenty of ways that you can leverage social media to benefit your business. Today we'll give you a detailed rundown of how social media in Denver is changing and how your business may be able to benefit from it.

What Is The Future Of Social Media In Denver?

We're all intimately familiar with the social media giants of the modern-day, from Facebook and LinkedIn to Twitter, Instagram, and even TikTok. However, there are a few new players in the field that will shake up the industry. Let's touch on a few of these emerging social media platforms and how they may influence social media in Denver in the next few years.


Launched just last year, Clubhouse is unlike traditional social media companies like Facebook or Twitter, and we're not just talking about the exclusivity aspect of it. Clubhouse is essentially a voice-chatting app where individuals can host and join different conversations (The Cut). Each room has a different topic, often hosted by an expert or pioneer in the field.

Clubhouse is shaking things up in the industry, by shifting away from asynchronous visual platforms to bring a new experience to consumers. Their synchronous, audio-only connectivity offers a refreshing way to share information with your target audience who can talk back to you in real-time. It's kind of like a live podcast where you can ask questions and talk directly with the hosts.

The topics discussed in the various rooms range across virtually everything. From conversations with venture capitalists about starting a business to relationship discussions hosted by celebrities and even comedy shows by up-and-coming comedians, you can find a Clubhouse room for almost any topic you want.

Of course, we should note that Clubhouse is still in beta on devices that support iOS (sorry Android users) and that it is an invite-only social network. That said, investors have been lining up to support the development of this app, so we're sure that we'll see this social media platform become more mainstream in the near future.

Be sure to keep your eye on this social media app as it grows and develops further.


As we all know, social media companies are not always the most ethical businesses. Just watch "The Social Dilemma" on Netflix and you'll hesitate to go on Facebook ever again. Many people have become sick of the data collection and selling practices of social media giants. Fortunately, there are alternatives and MeWe is one of them.

Launched in 2016, MeWe is a social media platform that has always strived to position itself as the "anti-Facebook" option. While it has many similar aspects to the original social network (e.g., customizable newsfeeds, direct messaging, etc.), MeWe prides itself on having an honorable business model that treats its users as people, not like sources of data.

MeWe doesn't share or sell your personal information with advertisers or marketers, so you won't see any ads on the platform! This app won't censor the members, so users can post about practically any topic.

MeWe originally gained popularity during the 2019 and 2020 Hong Kong protests, but today it has 16 million users and counting (NPR)! It remains to be seen if membership can keep growing on this platform. However, it's still an app that you'll want to keep an eye on as it continues to evolve.


Among the many social media apps available on the App Store or Play Store, it can be difficult to find an app that is free of negativity, misinformation, and not damaging to your mental health. If only there was a social media app that was built for the sole purpose of supporting the greater good! One intriguing and new social platform called ChekMarc aims to accomplish exactly that (SEJ).

Founding in 2020, ChekMarc is a free global social platform that's designed to support individuals looking to upskill and progress their careers or learn more about their hobbies. Essentially, ChekMarc aims to provide a safe place where people can connect one-on-one to help each other achieve their goals. The social app is guided by a core value of "building impactful connections that unite humanity" and we're all for it here at FiG!

The app works to connect people one-on-one positively and privately to help each other accomplish a goal. For instance, if someone on your team wants to expand their understanding of digital marketing, they can gain free one-on-one advice through ChekMarc to improve your digital marketing skillset.

It's difficult to see how businesses may benefit from this platform in the near future, especially since companies are not currently allowed to advertise on the platform. That said, this platform has plenty of room for growth and, given enough time, it could become another great resource for your social media marketing strategy.

Top Social Media Trends Of 2021

Popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will continue to be centerpieces of any social media marketing efforts. Of course, some key trends may influence the near future of social media marketing. These top trends include:

  • Audio-based social networking - This relatively new concept is gaining steam fast. Platforms like Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces have shown that consumers are increasingly interested in these auditory social mediums.
  • Live streaming will remain popular - We all might have Zoom fatigue, but people are still flocking to streaming features on social networks. Consumers are heading to platforms like Twitch and Caffeine to watch more live videos daily.
  • Greater emphasis on authenticity and transparency - Consumers want brands to start getting real, which means you need to be authentic and transparent on social networks. So, be sure to publicly own up to your mistakes, allow customers to freely reach out to you, and be as transparent as possible.
  • More regulatory control and legal scrutiny - Social networks like Facebook have been heavily criticized this past year for data privacy and security issues, alongside monopolistic behaviors. In the foreseeable future, more regulations and restrictions may be coming to many social companies.

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