Tuesday, 02 June 2020 16:11

Social Media Marketing in Denver: Top 4 Trends of 2020

Social media marketing is an important part of any strong digital advertising strategy. But, it’s not always easy to stay on top of trends. Social media platforms are always evolving and it can feel difficult to navigate the complexities of those social apps. If you’re interested in updating and improving your social media marketing in Denver, our social media experts are here to help.

At FiG Advertising + Marketing, our digital marketing pros are always tuned into the social media sphere. We’re here to break down the most major social media changes to help you improve your marketing capabilities. Here are the top social media trends of 2020. 

 1. Data-driven decisions will drive social media marketing strategies. 

Now more than ever before, small businesses and marketers alike are able to monitor social engagement, growth, and conversions. Gone are the days of gut decisions and hoping everything turns out okay. Now, we can analyze and evaluate data to understand what works and what doesn’t. 

With further insights, marketers will be able (and expected) to develop social media strategies that are optimized for maximum impact, saving you time and money.

2. TikTok is here to stay. 

TikTok is currently one of the fastest-growing social media platforms in the world. Since its inception in 2017, it’s been downloaded 1.5 billion times on the App Store and Google Play. Today, it has more than 800 million active users worldwide, making it more popular than Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit. 

Of those 800 million, 123 million downloads took place in the United States. If TikTok continues to grow at its current rate, it could soon overtake Instagram and Facebook. Companies strongly need to consider including TikTok in their social media marketing strategy in 2020 and beyond.

3. Brands will take a stance on social justice movements.

According to a study from Edleman, nearly two-thirds of consumers will buy or boycott a brand solely because of their stance on a social or political issue. As divisive politics continue to accelerate across America, consumers are putting increased pressure on brands to take a stance and support social justice movements. And many brands are listening.

Protests have recently erupted across the country following the death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who was killed by a white police officer. In response to the unrest, many brands have expressed their supportive stance on the issue. In the last week alone, Facebook, Netflix, Nike, Ben & Jerry’s, and many small, locally-owned businesses have voiced their support for the #BlackLivesMatter movement on social media, TV, and other mediums. 

It’s becoming clear that brands must engage in conversations surrounding social justice issues. 

4. User-generated content will become increasingly important.

Between data-privacy concerns, fake news, and foreign bots, consumer trust is at an all-time low. To rebuild that trust, companies will need to start tapping into the power of user-generated content. And it’s something that could drastically improve your social media marketing in Denver.

Believe it or not, as many as 9 out of every 10 online consumers trust organic, user-generated content more than they trust traditional advertising methods. In addition to building brand trust, user-generated content also has been shown to improve engagement and increase conversion rates. Companies should leverage this opportunity to engage with their audience and build a better, more trusting online community.

Get More From Your Social Media Marketing in Denver

Social media marketing is complex. Algorithms are always changing and without the proper knowledge and skillsets, you may see little or no return on your social media marketing efforts. If you’re not a social media expert, we’re here to help. 

At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we work with a wide range of clients to ensure their social media strategy supports their organizational goals. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your social media marketing in Denver.