Friday, 10 September 2010 08:25

Spending--But Will It Make You Happy?

Spending, budgeting, and saving are three words that can create a lot of anxiety for many people. How much do I have to spend? Can I afford that? Do I really need that? Questions such as these often circulate through ones mind before, during, and after purchases. With our economic standing, overall spending has greatly decreased. Many studies have proven that since 2008 consumers are saving more and spending less than ever before.

These studies have also shown that consumers are more likely to spend on an “experience” or “service” rather than objects. This statistic holds true because people tend to experience more happiness from spending their money where memories can be made rather than on an object that will die out on excitement with time.

How often do you sit down and ask yourself “will this make me happy?” When it really comes down to it, happiness is what makes a life full, not money. So when you make purchases does it really make you happy? If you look even deeper...what is true happiness? It varies among everyone but is it derived from similar factors?

I'm beginning to ramble...back to the point (and I swear I am making one).

Although consumer spending has decreased, it does not mean people have completely stopped spending...duh. Consumers spend when they need to, rather than want to. Deals are the hot topic these days and that's what people are looking for. “More bang for your buck”, if you will—high quality, at a lower price is what consumers are ultimately striving for when they are looking to make a purchase.

So what happens if you are a business looking for any sort of marketing or advertising service...?

Why should you spend money on an overpriced agency to do your work? Well to simply answer your question, you shouldn't. You should use an agency with services that meet and exceed your expectations that's also within your price range. I get it, I just spent this whole blog talking about finding happiness in what you spend but I also mentioned how it is still important to spend when needed. To be honest, if you are running any sort of organization, marketing and advertising is needed. So where to find this affordable and professional agency? You may know the answer already but I am going to tell you anyways.....HERE AT FIG! If you're reading this it means you're already at our site, so go ahead and indulge and check out our packages we offer. Our services will leave you happy, and you can quote me on that.

Next time you make a purchase ask yourself “will this make me happy?” and see where that happiness will lead you.