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Is It The Right Time To Update Your Branding In Denver?

Your brand is much more than just your organization's name and logo. It's more like a concept, an intangible expression of your company's promise to your customers. Over the years, you've put in a great amount of energy, thought, and time to maintain and improve your brand reputation. While your brand has become synonymous with your quality of work, there inevitably comes a time when you will need to update your branding in Denver. But how do you know if it's the right time to do so?

There are actually a handful of moments when every company can benefit from a brand facelift. Let's break down each of those moments and why you should consider changing your brand at those times.

4 Signs It's Time To Upgrade Your Branding In Denver

From mergers and acquisitions to internal and external pressures, there are numerous reasons why you might consider rebranding your company! As a professional branding agency in Denver, we'll examine a few of those major reasons and why they're ideal opportunities to rebrand.

Your Business Needs To Stand Out From The Competition

It doesn't matter if you're in the retail industry, legal industry, or construction industry: your business will always have competitors. To stand out from the crowd, you need to differentiate your company from those around you. What exactly does that mean? Just ask yourself this question: "Why do your customers come to your brand instead of the competitors?" If your branding fails to reflect your answer, then it may be time to rebrand.

Like we said earlier, your brand is much more than just your logo and organizational name. Your brand includes a wide array of things, from your color palette and website to your marketing materials and product offerings. By updating your company's brand image, you can showcase the many things that make your organization different and an all-around better choice for your customers.

For instance, let's assume you work as an accountant for your own business. A generic business name like "Professional Tax Accountants" definitely won't help you stand out from the crowd. You need a name that better reflects your brand identity and what you offer your customers.

Your Brand Has Become Outdated

It's officially 2021, so you have no excuse to still be using a brand from the 1990s! Does your brand rely on Comic Sans font? Is your color palette reminiscent of a pre-internet era? If so, then it is high time you update your branding.

The design of your brand can make or break your business. Customers may be hesitant to use your services or purchase your products if your logo feels out-of-touch with modern best practices.

Of course, design trends are constantly changing. That doesn't mean you should update your brand with every new trend though. A good rule of thumb is to at least consider updating your logo once every five years or so.

Your Business Is Expanding And Changing

Most companies rarely stay stagnant forever. At a certain point, your business may have an opportunity to expand or change for the better. Perhaps your company is opening up a new physical location. Or maybe you've decided to start targeting a new market. When that happens, you need to ensure your new prospective customers can connect with your brand.

Take, for instance, Pabst Blue Ribbon. This inexpensive beer brand has been highly popular among college students in America for some time, but PBR sought to expand into China over a decade ago. So, they rebranded their beer into a $44 bottle called "Blue Ribbon 1844" in China. It was an outstanding rebranding effort that capitalized upon a new market that was unaware of its American reputation.

You can learn something from PBR here. If your business is evolving and expanding, an appropriate rebrand of your company can reestablish what people associate with your brand.

You Need To Improve Your Company Reputation

A poor reputation can sink almost any kind of company. From bad customer reviews to public relations crises, any number of things can negatively impact your company's reputation. And when you have a negative standing in the community, you'll struggle to bring in new customers.

A top-to-bottom rebrand of your company can help turn around your reputation for the better! It's been done numerous times before by both large and small companies. Just take Volkswagen for example.

If you recall from just a few years ago, the Volkswagen brand was severely damaged by a massive scandal, referred to as "Dieselgate." Over 11 million diesel VW models worldwide were equipped with software that was used to cheat on emissions tests. It was a disastrous scandal that led to billions of dollars in fines, penalties, and more. Even today, the scandal still haunts the company.

To improve public perception of their company, VW worked to rebrand their company in a more positive image. The company replaced its leadership, worked to restructure its organization, and made a commitment to developing more efficient, cleaner vehicles. To cap it all off, Volkswagen rebranded with a "flat" logo design to mark the start of an electric era.

If a company can survive that kind of crisis and turn its company image around by rebranding, so can you.

Update Your Branding In Denver With A Top Brand Agency

Whether your company is evolving or it just needs a new brand image, you can't do it alone. You'll need the support of design and marketing professionals to revamp your identity for the better. Fortunately, you've already come to the right place.

At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we have helped businesses in Colorado achieve industry-leading brand images for over 11 years. Through an iterative design process, we'll work closely with you to gain a clear understanding of your unique differentiation and overall identity to create the perfect brand image for your company.

Contact our marketers at FiG today to learn how we can update your branding in Denver.