Monday, 28 September 2020 15:27

What Apple’s Privacy Ad Gets Right According to a Top Denver Ad Agency

A man shouts to a bus full of people on his morning commute that he’s browsed eight different sites for divorce attorneys. A woman whispers her login information to a stranger in a movie theatre. A commuter on her way from work tells a stranger her home is in 1,000 feet. A speed walker tells everyone he passes what his heart rate is. A woman shouts her credit card number over a microphone in the middle of a busy park. Some of these overshares are slightly embarrassing and some can be considered privacy violations, but they’re all examples from Apple’s most recent “Over Sharing” ad. And as a top Denver ad agency, we’re going to examine it closer and discuss what this privacy ad gets right. 


Addresses a hot topic head-on

Privacy has become an increasingly important concern for many Americans. And at a time when data breaches are becoming more and more common and many companies are leveraging ways to monetize their users’ data, Apple is addressing the topic of user privacy head-on and positioning themselves as an industry leader in privacy protection. 

Although the entire ad and each individual’s overshares are very comedic, those overshares each highlight a specific privacy feature on iOS. For example, the woman sharing her credit card number highlights Apple Pay’s unique ability to use a temporary number to mask real credentials. And the others who share their private search history help highlight Apple’s Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature found in Safari. 

Takes a shot at other smartphones without mentioning names 

The days of those infamous Mac vs PC ads are long gone! Apple has become notorious for comparing their phones and features to competitor companies without ever actually mentioning their names or products. And this ad is no exception to their advertising standards. In fact, the ad’s tagline, which is shown on-screen at the end, reads “Some things shouldn’t be shared. iPhone helps keep it that way.” 

Though it doesn’t specifically mention any of its tech-giant rivals who have made recent headlines for data breaches, large-scale hacks, and some pretty questionable privacy practices, it’s certainly clear who Apple is comparing itself too.

Leverages humor to talk about a serious topic 

Not only does this ad address a serious topic in our modern society, but it accomplishes this goal through humor, making it more memorable and impactful. Why is humor so effective in advertising? Because before you pitch your services or products, you need people to pay attention. And humor never fails to grab your attention—and keep it. Just think about your favorite ads. How many of them are funny super bowl commercials? We’d be willing to bet quite a few funny Super Bowl ads are on your list.

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