Friday, 28 August 2020 10:38

A Brand Marketing Agency In Denver Draws Insights From Local Campaign

When it comes to good advertising, it can be difficult knowing where to start. The internet is littered with ads on every page and tv and print advertising are just as ubiquitous. It can be really difficult to stand out from the crowd for your consumers. Let’s face it - we all can see upwards of thousands of ads per day! At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we are no stranger to researching and developing ads that stand out.

As a brand marketing agency, we’re always on the lookout for successful ad campaigns. This month in particular, we came across an advertisement that really caught our attention. Let’s discuss what insights you can pull from New Belgium Brewing Company’s latest stunt.


If you’re from Colorado, you’ve probably heard of New Belgium Brewing Company. As a B Corp Certified brewery, New Belgium is always going the extra mile to make sure their company is the most eco-friendly and socially responsible that they can be. Given this, it should come at no surprise that they are dedicated to a number of causes through their cause marketing campaigns. If you’re not sure exactly what cause marketing is, we recently wrote an in-depth cause marketing guide on our blog. In short, though, cause marketing is when a for-profit company raises awareness or funds for a cause or a non-profit.



New Belgium did the unthinkable for Colorado beer-lovers this month: “price gouging” with their Fat Tire 6-pack - but don’t worry, it’s for a cause! In order to showcase what scientists are predicting the average cost of a 6-pack of beer will be in 2070, for one day New Belgium set their sights on a new price: $100 (for more information on climate change’s impact on the beer industry, see this study). However, you’d still be charged the normal price due to the fact that, by law, beer companies cannot set prices for retailers, but you get the idea. Due to climate change, the crops the beer industry heavily relies on, such as barley and hops, will be severely affected in the coming years. This is a huge problem, not just for beer-lovers but for the health of our planet. CEO Steve Fecheimer says that the reasoning behind the $100 price tag is to start a conversation and to make people see a future that is very likely to happen if we don’t act. In other words, save our beer (and our earth)! Let’s discuss a few insights you can utilize from the success of New Belgium’s latest stunt.


Be Creative & Innovative


$100 beer? No one would ever think to pay this much for a 6-pack. That’s why it’s genius. It grabs people’s attention right away and, while the 6-pack wasn’t actually $100 dollars upon closer inspection, New Belgium definitely gets their message across. Trust us, as a brand marketing agency ourselves, you must differentiate yourself from the crowd. 


Don’t Expect Your Brand To Take All Of The Attention


When it comes to cause marketing, be prepared to let the cause or non-profit take most of the attention. At the end of the day, though this type of marketing can be beneficial to your brand, don’t do it just for the sake of promotion. This defeats the purpose of cause marketing, and if you’re being inauthentic, consumers can spot it a mile away.


Align With A Cause That Reflects Your Values


It may seem obvious, but when you’re choosing a cause or non-profit to promote, make sure your values align. If you know anything about New Belgium, it’s that they're extremely eco-conscious. In fact, this PR stunt comes just after announcing that Fat Tire, one of New Belgium’s best selling brews, is now carbon neutral (check out their statement here). The beer industry is also heavily affected by climate change, making this topic very practical. Though there are a lot of nonprofits and causes  that New Belgium could partner with, there are definitely causes that are less relevant to them as a brand. Pick your causes and partnerships wisely!


Learn How The Best Brand Marketing Agency in Denver Can Up Your Ad Game


Cause marketing can be wonderful for your brand to invest in, but there are plenty of other marketing strategies you can look into. At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we’re experts on everything advertising. We’ve been able to execute award-winning campaigns for multiple clients across many different industries. We handle each account with the utmost consideration, carefully going over your goals and needs from an advertising campaign.


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