Friday, 24 July 2020 09:45

3 Ways To Improve Your Denver Advertising Efforts

We’ve all seen our fair share of ads lately, and most of these advertisements have had the same undertones: informative or serious. While there is a need for appropriate crisis advertising, it can get a little old after a while. A way that many brands are lightening up these difficult times is by bringing in a bit of humor. One brand in particular that is capitalizing on these interesting times is Progressive. In their ad campaign “WFH” (Work from Home), they show their staff navigating the learning curve and hilarious moments of working from home. Let’s discuss Progressive’s new “WFH” ad campaign and pull a few insights you can apply to your own Denver advertising efforts.


Progressive Insurance has always been known for creating interesting ads. They’ve done an excellent job of creating compelling characters and storylines that have what we call “legs”; meaning, the ad campaign can essentially continue on in many directions. Think Flo: she has been featured in Progressive’s ads since 2008 - over 12 years of being an advertising icon! 

Clearly, Progressive knows how to leverage humor and relatability to create award-winning advertising campaigns; and in 2020, it’s no different. Between most of the nation working from home and socially distancing, this year has changed the professional scope quite a bit. We believe Progressive went in a unique direction that struck a wonderful balance, making this ad campaign a true success. If you’re interested in boosting your Denver advertising efforts, check out these 3 tips we can learn from Progressive’s “WFH” ad campaign.

Check out Progressive's WFH ad campaign here.

1.) Make It Relatable

The reason Progressive’s campaign works so well is because it’s painfully relatable. If you’ve had to work from home throughout the past few months, you know the struggle of navigating the new digital sphere from your bedroom. It’s something the majority of us have never done before, and it can be very awkward, to say the least. Between accidental muting or inevitable technology issues, we’ve all experienced some sort of digital obstacle at one point or another. Progressive does a wonderful job of making light of these common WFH issues with some humor. So remember, In order for an ad to really resonate with an audience, you have to make it relatable.

2.) Appeal To The Current Climate

2020 is undoubtedly a very unique year. While it’s important to not dwell on the negative, it’s also crucial for your ad to appeal to the current climate. Progressive’s WFH does exactly that. Instead of putting out a cliche “we’re all in this together” type of ad, Progressive acknowledged these strange circumstances and put a funny twist on them all. When you’re looking to improve your Denver advertising, make sure you strike a good balance of being mindful but also relatable and comedic.

3.) Use Humor (When Appropriate)

Arguably some of the most memorable ads are funny. Think Super Bowl commercials: the ones we always seem to talk about are the ones that made us laugh. Humor can be a wonderful tool to leverage when it comes to advertising. However, make sure you’re using your best judgement and know the time and place. Failing to be mindful about certain sensitive topics can do much more harm than good. You don’t want to create an advertising blunder! 

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