Monday, 10 October 2011 03:50

Why Do You Need A Mobile Web Site?

According to a recent eMarketer's report, at the end of September 2011, 40% of cellphone users have used mobile device to surf the internet. But, more than 70% of websites are not optimizing their sites for mobile, and most online publishers (sites with ad display) don't serve mobile ads!

Who should have a mobile web site?

A detailed report that we found was from Taptu in Feb 2010, in which Taptu analyzed different industries in terms of what kind of sites are more likely to be visited on mobile devices. The top result was shopping & services, followed by social sites, entertainment, sport, games, and music. Although things must have changed since then, the report sends a clear signal that consumer services take the most advantage of mobile site usage.

Additionally when thinking of building a mobile site, think mobily. Imagine yourself as your target audience and answer these questions:

  1. Do I need to surf my website on a mobile device?

  2. Why do I need to use a mobile site? Check location? Get a coupon? Check operating hours? Check newly arrived products? Place an order while riding the lightrail or subway? Watch a streaming movie/show/trailer? Contact customer service? etc.

  3. If there are many different reasons for people to use my mobile site, which are the top 3 or 5?

When drafting the list of reasons for a mobile site, avoid thinking as a business owner or manager. "Following a competitor's move" is not a reason that your customers would use your mobile site for. "It doesn't hurt to have one" is a typical mistake that cause businesses to spend unnecessary money. If you are stuck in this process, remember you always have FiG to contact.

This is just a start. Now you understand the purposes of creating a mobile site, it's time to strategize a thorough plan. Check with us tomorrow for the second step.