Monday, 03 March 2014 07:18

Ad of the Month: UNICEF Tap Project

Since 2007, UNICEF has run their annual campaign, UNICEF Tap Project, helping children worldwide gain access to clean water.

In the past few years, the campaign has run through World Water Month, offering various ways to support the project such as paying for water which is otherwise free at a restaurant, or joining Tap Project with a donation on Facebook. This year, however, may be the most creative yet and for some, a legitimate challenge.

For 2014, UNICEF is asking you to give up your cell phone for as long as you can. Why? Because by going to UNICEFTAPPROJECT.ORG on your mobile phone, for every 10 minutes you do not touch it, UNICEF and their sponsor can donate 1 day of water to children in need. Just 10 minutes! Surely, even those with the phone attached to their hand can find 10 minutes to put it down. You probably don't need it during that coffee meeting, while walking your dog, or taking a shower, right? Tap in with the url! You’re using clean water to shower, why not give a little to those without while you do it. UNICEF even shares statistics and cheers you on as you go.

We like this campaign because it brings out a bit of a competitive spirit for a good cause and supports raising awareness by sharing your accomplishment with others. There is also zero requirement for a donation (although you can at the end if you wish) so the only risk is a missed notification that can be addressed later. I took the challenge while in a meeting and was able to clock 1 hour and 30 minutes amounting to 9 days of clean water! Try it for yourself, and maybe challenge a friend, then let us know how long you made it!