Thursday, 30 August 2012 09:58

Back to School Trends – What Companies and Consumers are Doing

As the school year is just about to get started once more, companies are looking to cash in on the swing of the seasons. Back to school season means new creative advertising strategies. Here, we'll discuss a few of the trends.


The kids are headed back to school again and research in back to school trends shows that at least some consumers are changing their buying habits.

FiG Advertising - Back To School Trends

Shopping for items such as school supplies and clothing remain of higher importance, as will the reasons behind the purchases. Parents will be looking for value, and whether or not the item is a necessity or required will also be a factor in their purchasing decisions.

What is changing is the time frame for shopping. Research says shopping will come in waves, starting with school supplies and electronics such as calculators, while clothing will be purchased later in September as heat waves subside and fall rolls in.


So what does this mean for companies that need to advertise back to school products? It is clear that some may have taken these findings into consideration when creating advertising campaigns and that they tried to take advantage of what consumers would be looking for.

Take Target for example. They created a series of ads featuring musical performances by various teachers singing about all the school supplies and items your kids will need. The ads state “School takes a lot, target has it all” accompanied by their “Expect more. Pay less” slogan. This campaign plays to the value aspect as well as all the required items parents are focused on buying for the start of the school year.

Other companies, such as Best Buy, promote the electronics sector of consumer purchases. They created a spot playing on their slogan “I've got your back” featuring college students back at school with Best Buy employees on their backs like backpacks. While goofy, the ad doesgets the point across: get all the electronics and support you need for back to school at Best Buy.

Many of the back to school ads this year highlighted supplies and technology. With the research leaning towards a later purchase of clothing, it will be interesting to see how companies handle advertising for this forecasted wave in the coming month.

FiG understands that it is time consuming and challenging to analyze past marketing efforts as consumer trends change. When you feel overwhelmed with this, give FiG a shout! We have a team that can help you reach your goals and make your job easier.