Tuesday, 27 January 2015 08:16

Case Study: Amazing Moves PPC Advertising

At FiG we pride ourselves on creating measurable, positive ROI, and one of the most common projects we have where we’re measuring ROI on an ongoing basis is pay-per-click advertising.

We have a range of clients we are currently doing pay-click-advertising for, including Denver Community Credit Union, Davidsons Liquors, Portocol Business Strategies, and more. One client we’d like to focus on today though, is Amazing Moves Moving & Storage.

Amazing Moves has been a client of FiG Advertising for 5 years, and as such we’ve been handling their PPC advertising efforts along the way. Amazing Moves tends to run PPC campaigns in the fall, winter, and spring when the moving season is slower. In doing this it becomes FiG’s job to acquire as many new customers as possible through PPC advertising.

We do handle Amazing Moves’ SEO, and keep a nice balance of acquiring new customers through organic search, but as mentioned before, the autumn, winter, and early spring months are slow moving seasons, thus less people are searching for movers, hence activating PPC advertising to keep new customers rolling in.

One of our main goals when running a PPC campaign is to keep the customer acquisition cost low, and continue to make that cost drop month-over-month and year-over-year. We optimize our campaigns to focus on the cost per lead, rather than the cost per click. Often times advertisers will neglect this idea by assuming that a low cost-per-click equals a better campaign. This is not always the case, as often you will find that low-cost clicks do not produce the best leads. So, it’s usually better to bid high on targets that produce quality leads, rather than bidding low and getting several clicks for the same value but are not producing quality leads.

For Amazing Moves, we’ve done just this during our 2014 (moving into 2015) campaign.

Amazing Moves PPC Graph

In looking at October, November, and December’s numbers, we’ve managed to drastically reduce their cost per lead year-over-year and maintain a fair amount of leads. If you look at the cost per lead each month compared to the cost per lead for the previous year, we’ve managed to reduce lead cost upwards of 50%.

Another worthy note is that the paid traffic bounce rate this year vs. last year has improved 7.63%.

Amazing Moves Bounce Rate

This indicates that the ads and keywords we’re using are an improvement on those used last year — increasing the likelihood that a clicker will stay on the site and follow through.

Going forward we will continue to optimize Amazing Moves’ campaigns in a way that hopefully continues to produce ample leads at a lower cost. This is a goal for all of our clients that we meet often.

If you are interested in how FiG Advertising can help boost your PPC efforts, or if you’re curious about trying PPC advertising for the first time, please contact us today for a consultation.