Thursday, 21 April 2016 04:26

Industry News: Instagram and Apple Pies

Instagram users miss about 70 percent of posts in their Instagram feed. This means Instagram users can only scroll so much before they switch to doing something else. Instagram, a Facebook company, will soon provide users a way to view what’s most relevant to them more quickly. With an upcoming algorithm update coming to the social media app, which intends to place the best content at the top of a person’s photo feed rather than going by chronological order, we're here to examine the impacts on social media marketing.

This concept isn’t new in social media. Facebook already uses this type of algorithm, and other online platforms are continuously looking to bring users better content more conveniently. Here’s what you need to know about creating the best content in your social media strategy.

Relevant is Best

Instagram’s new algorithm will attempt to predict what is relevant based on user interactions. The more a user likes, comments, or lingers over your post the higher the relevancy score of that social media account. For instance, if you frequently like photos of your Aunt Sue’s homemade pies, the algorithm will rank all photos by Aunt Sue at a higher relevancy score.

Quality vs. Volume

While it’s still important to post regularly, marketers won’t have to post Instagram photos multiple times a day. If the algorithm thinks, Aunt Sue’s pies are relevant to you, it will land all her posts towards the top of your photo feed. You won’t miss that photo of her homemade apple pie, even if Aunt Sue posted that photo a week ago.

Go for Social Media Engagement

There is less emphasis on the number of Instagram followers your company needs to have. Instead, the primary goal is to keep your audience consistently engaged with your brand. Likes and comments are the obvious ways for the algorithm to gauge user interest. Just as importantly, Instagram will also track how long people stay on posts. You may not always hit the “like” button, but the algorithm knows your scrolling slowed down for Aunt Sue’s homemade pie. So, how should you engage with your audience.

Use Memorable Photos

Use photos or videos that elicit an emotional response, are visually stunning, or tell a compelling story. The greatest benefit of the algorithm change is that Instagram marketers can focus more on creating meaningful experiences. There are creative graphic designs and photo editing tools to capture a moment, but your photo doesn’t have to be complicated. Let’s say Aunt Sue inspires you to open up a homemade pie shop called Aunt Sue’s Homemade Pies. An effective Instagram post may be that photo of you, as a child, taking a bite of her homemade apple pie.


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