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Marketing Thought: Marketing Strategies for B2C

Mobile searches drive more local traffic and in-store visits. In fact, three out of four relevant local searches by shoppers results in people visiting the store or business. Consumers want easier, faster ways to search and find what they need. Think about the last time your in-laws or friends were in town and you were searching for a nice restaurant that everyone could enjoy.

Didn’t you appreciate when a restaurant had an attractive website that explained their cuisine, personal background story and had a well-formatted food menu? That’s the same user experience you want to provide your audience. FiG recommends these three key B2C marketing strategies to connect with consumers.

B2C Strategy #1: New Website Design

The first and most immediate way to reach your audience is to get a new website. Whether you run an established roofing company, a booming health and wellness center, or recently opened a new outdoor gear shop, you want to outshine the competition.

Rule of Thumb. Even if you are an established business and have a website, it may be time for a website design refresh. Our rule of thumb is that if your existing website is nearing its 5th year it is time to consider a new site. Your new website should have a clean look that reflects your core business today.

Design and Functionality. A website’s design plays a large role in functionality and the user experience. This is important because you don’t want people to simply glance at your website. Just like in a store or in-person consultation, you want visitors to stay on your website, peruse your products or services, and be motivated to take action. You want a website design that is mobile-friendly, easy to navigate, and useful.

B2C Strategy #2: Digital Marketing

When you invest in your online presence you create brand loyalty. We always recommend our customers have a basic digital marketing strategy that includes SEO and social media.

Search Engine Optimization. A good SEO strategy will get your business in more relevant internet search results. This means people who are looking for your service or product will find you faster. There are basic keyword strategies that anyone can follow but a marketing expert who understands how to analyze what people are actually searching for will get you the most optimal results.

Your Social Media Strategy. Social media is especially impactful for local B2C companies and is a great tool for spreading brand awareness and brand loyalty. Social media allows your business to engage with local communities, develop a personality, and share the story of your brand. Consumers are also more likely to think of your brand and refer their friends and family to you.

B2C Strategy #3: Content Marketing

Content marketing is about creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content. The purpose is to attract and engage a very specific audience.

Begin with your website. Your website content should clearly articulate your brand, your business, and your value proposition. It is no longer enough to have a paragraph here and there when your audience is easily researching three or more of your competitors. It’s important to have meaningful content that educates, simplifies, or inspires the buying process.

Blog. Blog. Blog. Regular blogging and meaningful website content are one of the two most effective content strategies to improve your SEO. Blogging is also another way to add personality to your brand.

Print and Radio. Print campaigns are not dead. When done right, printed content is an effective strategy for local audiences. There are creative ways to leverage postcards, brochures, printed collateral, and formal reports that are well designed and compelling. As for radio, people are still stuck in traffic and listening. Streaming radio is also a very effective strategy for digitally targeted ads.


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