Tuesday, 12 April 2016 07:08

New Client Announcement: Teleo Remodeling

Teleo Remodeling is a local home remodeling company, headquartered in Highlands Ranch, CO. They remodel mid to high-end basements, kitchens, and bathrooms throughout the Metro Denver area and its surrounding neighborhoods.

FiG designed Teleo’s logo, business cards, and digital signatures when they first opened their doors in 2010. Back then, they were known as Teleo Builders, a residential construction company specializing in kitchens and bathrooms. FiG designed a logo and business card that conveyed durability and clean aesthetics by using “heavy,” stylish font imagery. FiG received Honorable Mention recognition for the Teleo Builders logo at the MarCom Awards.

Six years later, Teleo Remodeling has hired FiG Advertising and Marketing to update their digital marketing strategy and provide ongoing digital marketing services.

FiG will be their next-level Denver marketing agency to support their goal of securing more basement remodeling projects. Our work will include SEO, blogging, pay-per-click (PPC), direct mail, and sales brochures

The Challenge: Add a Brand Extension

Teleo has experienced significant growth in the booming Denver real estate and renovation market. They started as a general contracting and residential construction company, and now want to focus their efforts more concisely. Teleo will still maintain an interest in kitchen and bath projects, but they want to emphasize their home basement remodeling business.

The Strategy: Digital Marketing

Teleo is engaging with FiG on new digital marketing strategies that will help Teleo secure more basement remodeling projects.

To make their marketing efforts more trackable, we immediately added lead capturing, call tracking, and form-fill mechanisms to their website. We’ve also developed a robust marketing campaign to improve their online presence which includes content marketing for SEO, blogging, pay-per-click (PPC), direct mail, and sales brochures.

The results will be captured in Google Analytics and other applications to track the ROI of the campaign. Look for updates on design, strategy, and results over the next year. FiG Advertising and Marketing is your leading Denver branding and digital marketing agency. Contact us to learn more about how we can focus your brand or advance your marketing efforts.

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