Wednesday, 26 September 2012 04:39

Samsung Industry News – The Next Big Thing is Already Here

Apple just released the new iPhone 5 and new operating system iOS 6, and consumers just can't wait to get there hands on both. It has only been about a year since the last launch of the iPhone 4s and some question the decision as the new design and features seem rather similar to the past iPhones.

While Apple has had large releases like this before, each time creating rumors, hype and long lines outside of stores, some feel the new iPhones always seem to leave lingering wants and desires.

Samsung has extended its ad campaign with a new competitive ad reflecting those feelings.

We have to agree with Forbes on this one, the ad works.

While it is no secret who Samsung is comparing themselves to, they never overtly state it. This works. Paired with humorous dialog, it helps take the edge off a direct comparison, making it seem less of a jab and therefore not alienating Apple users. They also truly hit on the things people care about and have been waiting for with each upgrade.

Once able to dive into iOS 6 a bit and discovering some of the new features, there have definitely been some improvement, especially with photos and the new panoramic ability as well as sharing. The phone itself seems much more durable as well as shown by this drop test.

Will you be rushing to upgrade your phone?

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