Friday, 03 February 2012 03:48

Super Bowl: 10 Years; $1.72 Billion Dollars

In the last decade, the Super Bowl has grabbed the attention of 125 different marketers. If you had to guess which company has held the biggest presence, you probably wouldn't be too shocked to find out it's Anheuser-Busch.

  • They have been a part of every Super Bowl in the last ten years spending more than anyone else.

  • They have invested a whopping $239 million in that time period.

PepsiCo and Disney are the only other companies to have been in every Super Bowl for the past decade, spending $174 Million and $67 Million respectively.

 The average cost of a 30 second spot holds a hefty price tag as well. 30 seconds would have cost you $2.5 million in 2006, but that has steadily risen to $3.5 million (and $4million in at least one case) for this year's Big Game. These dollar signs aren't keeping marketers from buying up time since the Super Bowl has been sold out since Thanksgiving.

These ads are also getting longer as reports indicate more 60 second ads than ever before. Marketers are realizing that many people watch the Super Bowl for the commercials just as much as the game. They are taking advantage of this increased attention span by looking to tell stories with their ads rather than just traditional promoting. The advent of YouTube only increases the potential viewership of each placement creating a better atmosphere for this story telling.

It's no secret that the Super Bowl is the biggest ad spending event. The Super Bowl generated more ad revenue in one game in 2010 ($205 M) than the World Series did in all 5 games combined ($191 M). The Big Game was only ousted in 2011 because the World Series went 7 games. But the question still remains, is it really worth all that money?

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