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4 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing: Thoughts From a Content Marketing Agency In Denver

We may not live in medieval castles anymore, but we all still love a good story. From entertainment to information, content has become ingrained into our everyday lives. Even businesses utilize content to market themselves and generate new leads. However, content marketing is easier said than done. Many businesses in Denver use content marketing services to generate new leads. But, if you put in the work yourself, you can get some terrific results for your business. As a content marketing agency in Denver, we wanted to share some words of wisdom.

Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing From A Content Marketing Agency In Denver

With enough determination, you can improve your content marketing. We strive to improve our own Denver content marketing services regularly by adhering to these helpful tips.

Use Your Content As A Source Of Data

If you don’t have data to compare your success with, then you can’t make improvements. At FiG, for instance, we use a variety of data sources to improve our Denver content marketing services. Of course, you can collect valuable data and metrics from numerous sources like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. But, the content that you create and publish can also be valuable sources of data. Those pieces of content can reveal some important insights on how to improve your content marketing efforts.

Any content marketing agency in Denver will take the time to analyze every performance aspect of their content. When you’re analyzing your content, try to consider some of the following things:

  • How do your customers usually engage with your content?

  • Which platforms have seen the best performance/engagement for your content?

  • What kinds of content have generated the best leads?

  • What is the driving force behind your conversions?

As you analyze your content, you should start to see what your target audience values and what they don’t value. Perhaps there’s more engagement with your videos than your blogs. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Regardless, you need to prioritize the kind of content that provides the most value for your target audience. As you dig deeper into your content, you’ll soon see what can be refined and improved.

Reevaluate Where, When, And How You Distribute Your Content

The problem with your content marketing strategy could be as simple as how you distribute the content. When clients utilize our Denver content marketing services, we continuously review where and when their content gets the best results. Our content marketing agency in Denver will always analyze the client’s current sales funnel and how a content marketing strategy could integrate into and improve that funnel.

When you reevaluate your content marketing strategy, consider a few things:

  • What content pieces do you use to attract new customers?

  • How do you use content to convince your customers to buy?

  • Do you have content that helps close the sale?

  • Are you using a content strategy to retain customers?

The kind of content that you distribute to your customers needs to be appropriate for their stage in the sales funnel. On social media, for instance, a post about your new white paper probably won’t attract new customers. It’s more likely that an informative and engaging video post will generate initial awareness and capture the interest of your target audience. White papers should be reserved for customers that are further along in the sales funnel, possibly for email marketing purposes.

Analyze Your Creation Process

Content creation is a balancing act of creative craft and valuable information. Your business needs strong content that adds value to your customer’s journey in a creative way. You may have the perfect idea for a blog, but life happens and other business matters can get in the way. Before you know it, you’re swamped with work and you don’t have the time to write that new blog. This is where most businesses in Denver use content marketing services to create the content for them.

Before you contact a content marketing agency in Denver, analyze your own creative process first! Ask yourself:

  • Where are the bottlenecks? Where does the process slow down?

  • How do you generate new ideas?

  • What is your organizational process like?

  • Where does your creative workflow break down?

The flow of your creation process is incredibly integral to the success of your content. In fact, 70% of the top performing B2B content marketers credit their success to excellent project management flow. The reason why those content marketers succeed is because they have streamlined their workflow process. Without an organized creative process, it’s difficult to generate valuable high-quality content on a regular basis. A streamlined workflow is the secret behind almost any content marketing agency in Denver.

Repurpose Your Old Content

If you’ve been in business for a while, there’s a good chance that you have some old content sitting around somewhere. Maybe you’ve got a bunch of outdated blogs on your website or maybe you have an extra box of flyers in your inventory. All of your outdated content is really just a treasure trove of content that’s waiting to be reborn! As a content marketing agency in Denver, we will occasionally use this tactic to generate new content and new ideas.

You can turn that old content into something new and valuable for your target audience! Got some old videos sitting around? Turn them into an informational webinar! Want to get rid of that box of flyer? Reformat the content into insightful infographics. Do those old blogs create clutter on your website? Repurpose that old content into some white papers or case studies. There are tons of ways that you can turn old content into new and engaging pieces for your sales funnel.

Work With A Leading Content Marketing Agency In Denver

At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we are incredibly proud of our content marketing abilities. From email marketing to social media, we know the best practices to effectively reach businesses in Denver with content marketing services that are appropriate for your business needs. We strive to provide high quality marketing services to generate the best ROI for your business.

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