Monday, 19 August 2019 11:21

4 Ways An SEO Agency in Denver Can Boost Your ROI

Practically every business has the same goal: improve their ROI. But, it’s easier said than done. Thanks to the rise of technology and improved market accessibility, competition has only gotten stiffer. Search engine optimization (SEO) may have been optional in the past. Not anymore. SEO is an integral part of any marketing strategy and if you want to stay relevant in today’s local market, you need to work with a leading SEO agency in Denver.

How Can An SEO Agency In Denver Improve Your ROI?

You don’t have to be an SEO professional to understand its purpose. It’s simple: your business needs customers to earn revenue and succeed. But, how can you acquire new customers if no one can find your business? Search engine optimization improves the digital visibility and exposure of your brand, making it easier for new customers to learn about your business. Again, it’s easier said than done. Let’s examine specifically how an SEO agency in Denver can increase your visibility online and drive more qualified leads to your website.

Optimizing Your Business Website For The Best Keywords

Over 63,000 searches occur every second on Google alone. The increasing volume of online searches means there are millions and millions of unique keywords out there for your business to leverage online. Your business needs to be optimized for the right ones. After conducting some in-depth keyword research, an SEO agency in Denver would optimize your site around the best keywords for you. This way, you’ll be found by the target audience that needs your services, increasing the chances that search engine users will convert to customers.

SEO Content Generation For Continuous Improvement

Many business owners will do SEO when they launch their site and never think about it again. This practically guarantees that your business website will do poorly. Websites that demonstrate their authority on certain keywords will rank higher in search results. This “authority” stems from the content they publish on their site. Basically, if your business isn’t creating new content, your place in search engine rankings will fall. An SEO agency in Denver can help with that.

Whether it’s video work or blogs, an SEO agency can generate new content to improve your search engine rankings for specific keywords. Creating that new content is critical to maintaining your rankings and keeping your business visible for new customers to find.

Any good SEO agency in Denver understands that it isn’t just a one-and-done job. Rather SEO requires continual maintenance. While billions of searches are conducted every day, roughly 15% of daily Google searches have never been seen before. These new daily searches indicate there are new keyword opportunities to take advantage of every day. These keywords are the perfect fodder for new blogs, videos, and more content!

Optimization For Market Trends & Consumer Behavior

We may sound like a broken record, but it’s true: SEO is constantly changing. Consumer behavior has a lot to do with those changes.

Take voice search, for instance. Thanks to the rise of smart speakers and digital assistants, voice search is on the rise. Significantly. By current estimates, 50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020. By that same year, it’s estimated that there will be over 21 million smart speakers in the US alone. It’s important to get ahead of the voice search curve, now more than ever.

Your SEO agency in Denver can account for this behavioral change by doing a few things:

  • Focus more on the searcher intent - Voice searches are more direct than text searches. This also means your SEO should match the way we speak.

  • Optimize for local - Voice search is 3 times more likely to require a local result than a text search.

Voice search is not slowing down anytime soon. If your business website isn’t optimized for voice search, you’re missing out on tons of potential business.

Placing Well-Targeted Ads for Comprehensive Search Engine Marketing

Every client we bring on wants to see immediate results. As any SEO agency in Denver will tell you, those results take time. You can dedicate a whole day to SEO activities, but your search engine rankings won’t improve overnight. Ongoing SEO will eventually lead to a significant ROI for your business, as your rankings slowly improve from consistent work.

For some clients, that’s not good enough. They want new inbound leads coming through tomorrow. Who doesn’t want that? A high-quality SEO agency in Denver will take a multi-pronged approach to search engine marketing (SEM). This includes well-targeted advertisements on search engines.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can deliver almost immediate results. PPC ads bypass the search engine algorithms to let your business engage with your target audience immediately by paying for keyword rankings. Some of these keywords can cost you a pretty penny. The right SEO agency can target the best niche keywords to still deliver outstanding results while minimizing your investment.

Boost Your ROI By Working With A Leading SEO Agency In Denver

Are you ready to give your business the ROI boost it has been missing? Then it’s time to work with an award winning SEO agency in Denver. At FiG Advertising + Marketing, we use our SEO expertise to drive high-quality leads and help your business sustainably grow and improve. Contact the top SEO agency in Denver today and start boosting your ROI.