Wednesday, 14 November 2012 04:33

Top 6 Reasons Social Media for Business is Worth the Risk

Over the last few years social media has become firmly implanted in our society. Like the phrase “Google It”, the phrase “Facebook It” has become equally important. “Message Me” or “PM me” now means find me on Facebook or Twitter and not one of 10 or more platform dependent instant messaging services. Social media is here to stay and as a result, each and every business on this planet needs to look at ways to morph social media into their business.

In the social media for business decision process, you need to ask the following questions about your business:

  •     Why is social media important to us?

  •     Is it cost effective?

  •     Can we creatively brand it better?

  •     Are we ready if social media goes a new direction?

  •     Where is our target market in the social media world?

  •     To make social media work right, how do we target campaigns?

  •     As a business, where is our risk in this?

When the actionable data has been gathered and it is time to move forward with your social media marketing plan, make sure you have covered the following points in your plan:

Does your online marketing plus social media marketing plan cover the following top reasons to invest in social media?

  1.     Search engine rankings are affected by social signals both directly and indirectly

  2.     Online branding, encouraging the conversation, is important to business survival

  3.     Social media provides opportunity for customer service as well as promotion

  4.     Advertising and branding can be targeted to specific demographics

  5.     Specific sites can be targeted with specific media (for example: photography on    Pinterest, video on Facebook?

  6.     Staying current with social media allows you to take advantage of trends

It's important to stay business-nimble with social media and whether or not you feel like it is cost effective now, when new trends arrive, you will be ready.

Find out where the conversation is and discover how you can take part effectively. Remember, FiG Advertising can help with creative strategy for social media!