Denver Community Credit Union Brand Identity Launch

January 30th, 2013 by Beth

For FiG, one of the most satisfying accomplishments is a project launch and we are very excited to announce the launch of Denver Community Credit Union’s new brand!  As you may recall from our new client announcement, FiG has been working with DCCU since last March on their website and brand re-design.   The credit union had established a brand identity within the Denver community, which was used for the past seventy eight year and was in need of a refresh.

DCCU website and poster with old branding (click for larger image)

The Project:
For those familiar with the Denver Community Credit Union or have seen the project updates via the website redesign launch, you will recall that the old website was not user friendly or easy to navigate.  We were pleased to announce the launch of their new website in August, and have since been working to update the credit unions brand.

When it came to DCCU’s current brand, the messaging and execution had not been consistent and while it was recognized by existing members, for non-members their values and “local” message were not always clear.  At a time when the credit union was expanding into more counties, it became clear that a cohesive brand and development strategy was key to guide the marketing, concentrating on the mission of making a difference for members by providing financial opportunities.  Denver Community Credit Union was looking for a brand identity that would be recognizable to members, employees and others familiar with the institution.

The Result:
FiG was able to refresh the current brand with a new logo, tagline and colors that spoke to DCCU’s goals, values and mission.  From there, we rolled out the new look and feel onto their website and throughout their collateral material.  The new Denver Community Credit Union brand was launched last week to a positive reception.

DCCU new logo, updated website and poster with new brand! (click for larger image)

We would love to hear your feedback on Denver Community Credit Union’s new brand!  If you are looking for a refresh, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can help!

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