Friday, 16 September 2011 03:16

A New Message For Colorado Youth At Risk

The sad fact of the matter is that only 51% of kids in Denver high schools graduate, even less in Aurora. Colorado Youth At Risk is a great organization in the Denver-metro Area that helps kids succeed in high school before they fail or drop out. They have an incredible graduation rate of 90% for kids that complete their program. So, how do they achieve such great success?

Colorado Youth at Risk partners adult mentors with kids that are on the wrong path or just need a little guidance to stay on the right one. Without mentors however their program cannot do this great work. FiG chose to pitch in at the beginning of this year to help develop mentor recruitment marketing messaging and materials.

Based on what we learned by surveying current mentors the key is the kids. What makes people become mentors is not about them, it's about giving back to the community they live in and helping a new generation of young people in ways that they themselves may have been helped in the past. This research led us to Colorado Youth At Risks new mentor recruitment marketing tagline:

"Be the help you once needed"

Additional services that FiG has volunteered have revolved around these efforts and this message including radio advertising, in both English and Spanish, developing partnerships with great media organizations (special thanks to the team at Front Range Sports Network and 87.7 ESPN Deportes) to get those spots on the air, and the development of fliers for distribution at various events. You can see these efforts here.

87.7 ESPN Deportes Radio

Stay tuned for further developments as we begin a more comprehensive effort around their spring mentorship recruitment campaign, including website landing pages and additional media.

Please take a moment to learn more about these great mentoring opportunities or to donate to a great non-profit.