Wednesday, 01 August 2012 04:51

Brand Development - The Institute for Wealth Management, LLC - New Client Announcement

FiG is excited to start a new relationship with a financial institution. This time, the new knot was tied with The Institute for Wealth Management LLC on a brand development project.

The Client:

The Institute for Wealth Management LLC (the Institute) is an investment company that provides investors and their advisers access to the best possible investment resources. The Institute’s unique three-step system for objective wealth management gives specialized, expert attention to each portfolio. By aligning their client goals with the research of the Institute's world-class partners and then carefully selecting and monitoring the investments, the Institute’s portfolio management approach is similar to that used to manage large pension funds, endowments and other institutional assets.

The Challenge:

The economic downturn has changed people's investing behavior--people prefer conservative investment over high-risk, high-profit ones. To adapt to the change, the Institute created new investment products and they need brand names for these new products.

How FiG Can Help:

A product name is the foundation of the product. Once in the market, the name will greatly determine your product's position in the fight for consumers.

FiG understands the importance of creating a good product name, and our team has created a unique and effective naming process. Check back later to see the names that we come up with!