Tuesday, 25 June 2013 11:02

Intel Gets a New Slogan

At the beginning of this month, Intel, which has used the slogan “Sponsors of Tomorrow” since May 2009, announced they have a new slogan, “Look Inside." This new slogan seems to be just the beginning of a deeper look into the brand strategy.

Why Change? Vice President and chief marketing officer Deborah Conrad explained to New York Times the reason for the change, stating that “Sponsors of Tomorrow” did not speak to the companies heritage or the company's current products. Intel felt the slogan was not doing all it was meant to do.

The new slogan better reflects the ‘Intel inside’ co-op program that the company has been running since 1991. As companies purchase Intel chips to use, such as Dell who puts the chips in their computers, Intel sets aside a certain dollar amount to reimburse the chip customer for any ads that include the ‘Intel inside’ logo. Not only is the new slogan directly related to ‘Intel inside’ but it also speaks to current products and customers.  It is a call to action, inviting to old and new customers, and strategically speaks the brand promise of innovation.

The Bigger Picture The slogan seems to be only the first step for Intel in creating a more cohesive and strategic brand identity. For years the company has used various agencies for campaigns, deciding on a case by case basis who would run each.  Now, looking for a more consistent message, Intel has chosen an agency of record, San Francisco based agency Venables Bell & Partners. The goal is to really look at the brand and decipher who Intel is and what the brand means.

Keep an eye and an ear out for Intel’s “Look Inside”.  Based on previous years ad spending, we can image we will be seeing a lot from Intel!

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