Friday, 29 March 2013 04:00

Project Launch - CourtSide Consulting Responsive Web Design Launch!

Last summer, Fig worked with CourtSide Consulting on their rebrand, creating a new logo and business card that better represented the company and their expertise in the HR consulting work they do.

The last few months, we have continued the relationship working on a new and improved website and we are happy to announce their new responsive web design just launched!

So, What Did FiG Do?

CourtSide Consulting had an existing website that was simple and needed an update. They were outgrowing the site when it came to functionality and what they wanted to offer to clients as well as potential clients. CourtSide came to FiG looking for added functionality, added capability and a site that would reflect their expertise and ability. They were also looking for a better way to incorporate their HR Zipline service, which was found on a separate url.

Based on these needs, FiG came up a site that included:

  • Easy navigation

  • Responsive web design to conform to both desktop and mobile users

  • Individual client logins for HR Zipline

  • Subscription abilities for HR Zipline

  • A look and feel that reflected the CourtSide Consulting brand and their expertise

With the new design and additional features, CourtSide Consulting’s abilities speak for themselves.  Bringing what were once two separate site together makes the HR Zipline service, including subscriptions and client accounts, easily usable with any and all information a client will need in one place. The responsiveness lends itself to that as well, allowing full access in your hand to all the HR materials you may need at any time.

If your company needs a clear path for you clients, contact FiG and discover what we can do for you!