Wednesday, 17 November 2021 11:05

Thoughts from a Denver Advertising Agency on Coke's Global Holiday Ad

Once Halloween wraps up, the holidays kick into full gear — especially for marketers. With online holiday sales expected to grow nearly 15% this year, it's no surprise that retailers want to spread the spirit to consumers through ad spend. As a Denver Advertising Agency, we always keep an eye out for upcoming trends and popular content. This month, we will be analyzing Coca Cola's recent longform global holiday commercial to spot the techniques they used to make it successful. 

A Denver Advertising Agency on What Makes this Ad Effective

This advertisement showcases a narrative of a young boy inspired by a Christmas movie to create a chimney out of cardboard boxes since his apartment building doesn’t have one. The cardboard chimney begins to wrap around the building to the roof. Once the community catches on, people from different trades begin contributing boxes to the installation. Once the chimney is complete, the commercial wraps up with a  present falling down the cardboard chimney into the boys room. The storyline captures the sentiment of the holidays and its magical-realism appeal. 

While aspects of magic and community are core elements to holiday commercials, there is a new perspective following the tumultuous period of the pandemic. After the holidays were spent with physical and virtual distance last year, there is a new emphasis on bringing the community together to celebrate this new season.

Coca Cola, known for its cheers-worthy beverages, made its message that we’re emerging from isolation clear in this ad. While the actual beverage product wasn't in main focus throughout the ad, the creators tapped into a critical component of advertising — emotions! 

Success stories are attention grabbers, and this advertisement does just that. This advertisement reflects on several communities coming together with any available resources available to help each other out. There is a strong sense of accomplishment and togetherness in the ad. The advertisers will touch viewers and even inspire them to gather their own community together. This is effective marketing because it draws consumers into more than just the product, but the brand itself. Connecting with your customers beyond the transaction is important for boosting long-term retention. 

Are Longer Ads Worth It? 

The duration of this video advertisement, 2.40 minutes, is on the longer end in the ad world. While research has shown that attention spans have changed in the age of social media, longform advertisements are still created and viewed. Content marketing, such as video ads, is an effective strategy for pulling customers into the marketing funnel and converting leads

A benefit of longer ads is that the creation process is not too different from a shorter one. You can engage viewers, build brand identity, and convert leads with a similar method you use for your typical ads. Like the Coca Cola commercial, consider how you will do more than just sell, but engage the audience. Since the ad is long, be creative with your storyline.

For major growth seasons, such as the holidays, it may be worthwhile to put in the extra effort for a more engaging advertisement. Not only will you capture your customers, but you will boost your chances of return on investment. Studies show that longer ads can have a lasting impact on sales, with a 4.5 increase over time. 

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