Friday, 27 December 2013 03:00

Top Ads of 2013

It’s been a long year of ads - the good, the bad, the ugly, and the awesome - and this month for our ad of the month, we decided to reflect on some of FiG’s advertising work as well as share a few of our favorites created by others this year.

Top FiG ads of 2013

While we have shared a few of our award winning designs and videos, we have not had a chance to share some favorite print ads produced by our creative team, so here they are!

Brad Nicol Photography: Brad Nicol Photography needed an ad to place in an architecture industry magazine, so he asked FiG to help!  Keeping the magazine’s readers in mind, FiG created a simple layout using an image from Brad’s portfolio which highlights his architectural work.

Amazing Moves: Amazing Moves has been a client for a few years now, and this fall they came to us in need of a print ad for the Sportsmans Expo happening this January 2014.  Keeping the expo’s attendees in mind, FiG created an ad that would appeal to the audience while speaking Amazing Moves message.

Reading with Bridget: Bridget is a reading tutor who offers programs to children at home or a location that works for you. She was placing an ad in the newspaper and asked for FiG’s design help. Our creative team came up with a lighthearted concept with a clear call to action.

Davidsons Liquors: As you may remember, FiG recently became Davidsons Agency of Record, and our first task was creating holiday advertising. Our team worked off the concept “wrap it up with Davidsons,” creating ads for the Pepsi Center and Sports Authority Field.

View the slideshow to see all the finished print ads!

Staff Favorite Ads of 2013

Here are FiG, we watch a LOT of ads. After reflecting on those we have seen this year, we chose two ad campaigns that stood out and were remembered the most by our staff.

It was a great year of advertising and we will be interested to see what comes out of agencies in 2014, starting with the Super Bowl!

Did you have a favorite ad or campaign this year? Tell us about it, we are all ears!