Monday, 08 August 2011 05:22

Ad of The Month: Trip Your

This summer is almost over, but your vacation doesn't have to be. Whether you lost your camera full of memories in Las Vegas or have just been too busy to get away, Expedia owned has come up with a way to bring the vacation to you.

"Trip Your Face" is's latest social campaign, which features a rich and customized experience in a choice of 3 locations: New York, Paris, or Las Vegas. creates a full video experience in the location of your choosing featuring the faces of you and your friends. You can party with retired NBA star Dennis Rodman in Paris, shoot a music video with Vanilla Ice in Las Vegas, or get mixed up with gangsters in New York.

Although the "customized visual trip video" is not an entirely new idea, it has evolved. You are able to share your wild night on Facebook and Twitter and you have the chance to tag whoever you want to watch it before you post. As a online travel agency, it is important for Expedia to keep current by investing in emerging technologies, especially the e-commerce and social media sites which play a major role in today's brand building. "We wanted to produce something where people could put their faces into live action, which I don’t think has been done in a campaign before, and it certainly hasn’t been done in our category," said by Vic Walia--a senior director of North America brand advertising at told New York Times.

Even if you're stuck at home this summer, you can still have the memories of an unforgettable trip thanks to Keep FiG posted with your wild nights!