Monday, 21 March 2016 06:19

Need a New Marketing Hook? Try Joy

When Reddi-wip (a.k.a. ConAgra Foods) was looking for a new marketing campaign, they hired psychology professor, Sonja Lyubomirsky, to examine the current state of joy in the U.S. She found that 93% of Americans want more ways to experience joy. And 83% prefer small amounts of joy in their daily lives versus major joyous events.

Marketing Campaign: The Experience of Joy

Reddi-wip used these consumer insights to create a new, thought-provoking marketing campaign that prompts audiences to think seriously about the idea of joy. Their new ad features two New York little league teams who play against each other once a year. As with any competitive sport, there’s a winning team and a losing team. The winning team runs outside of the field to a table full of Reddi-wip to celebrate their win. The winning team begins a food fight with their cans of Reddi-wip while the losing team sulks in the dugout.

Storytelling: #ShareTheJoy

At this point in the scene, Reddi-wip asks viewers the question, “But Isn’t Joy Better When Shared?” As the losing team continues to sit in the dugout, disappointed, the winning team comes over and invites them to celebrate. There’s a moment of camaraderie and sportsmanship in the dugout before the losing team joins the winning team in the food fight with their cans of Reddi-wip. Soon after, a front loader pulls up and dumps even more cans of Reddi-wip in front of them. The two teams go wild and really dive into the cans of Reddi-wip. The scene continues with everyone is covered in Reddi-wip, and spraying large toppings of whipped cream on cupcakes and anything else they can find. The ad ends with the hashtag: #ShareTheJoy.


Branding: How Reddi-wip Got It Right

When it comes to smart marketing, a compelling story connects human emotion with brand awareness and brand loyalty. Humans make sense of the world and relate to one another through storytelling, and storytelling helps people identify with a deeper core value within themselves.

What viewers can instantly relate to in Reddi-wip’s ad is the pure and simple joy of play. Reddi-wip understood that if they could create the story of pure joy, 93% of Americans would share in that experience and associate Reddi-wip with joy. And if 93% of Americans want more joy, it is plausible that we would want a little more Reddi-wip in our lives.

How Will You Share the Joy?

Not everyone has the luxury to invest in marketing campaigns, but everyone has the capacity to spread joy. How can you add a little joy to your marketing outreach?


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