Friday, 06 May 2011 04:17

Unexpected Joy: Coca-Cola's Happiness Truck

For over 125 years, Coca-Cola has looked for innovative ways to refresh the world and deliver happiness. Although today the company offers a wide range of high-quality beverage options, they continue to rely on the strength and steady growth of the Coca-Cola brand, which is now worth $67 million. To maximize the love of the brand and brand value, Coca-Cola invests heavily in effective marketing that engages consumers with the Coca-Cola brand and the company.

Many of them are appealing to people's enjoyment of the Coke taste and refreshment it provides. One of FiG's favorites in this category is still the super bowl ad from 2007 (Coca-Cola Happiness Factory). The commercials used a variety of approaches—humor, music, stories, and animation—in an effort to build on the emotional connection between Coca-Cola and its consumers.

Many of Coke's ads are more interactive and experiential. The recent "Coca-Cola's Happiness Truck" campaign, for example, took on a more international approach as it drove and spread happiness in Rio de Janeiro where the truck gave out free Cokes, soccer balls, t-shirts, surfboards, and other free gifts to people who pressed the large "PUSH" button on the truck.

We hope you enjoyed 2-minutes of unexpected happiness! Even if you are not a big Coke fan, I'm sure you are touched by the joy brought to Rio de Janeiro. This is the power of experiential advertising when done right!