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Nike's Olympic Marketing Ambush

Wednesday, 29 August 2012 08:55
While the London Olympics 2012 have come to a close, the marketing industry is still buzzing about Olympic sponsors and the non-sponsor Olympic advertising campaigns that stole the show. Record breaking social media surrounded the games as well as a host of creative marketing and advertising activities that were fueled by the highly publicized games.
In less than 10 days, the Olympic Games will kick off in London, along with all the big brands' advertisements (actually marketers can't wait to show you a peek)!

Think Twice - Creative Ad

Monday, 25 June 2012 06:40
The video takes place in a terrible nursing home, where a son is checking his father in. He fills out the paperwork, leaving his sister's phone number instead of his own, and then accompanies his dad and a staff member on a tour to see the dreary and depressive new home for his dad.

Real Fruit Packaging - Well Done Camp!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012 07:00
Real fruit-feeling packages have been a really fun area for package experts to work on. Over the years, we've seen some creative packages that look and feel like the fruit inside:

Brand Development Strategy - Pepsi

Friday, 18 May 2012 05:00
We can't imagine how hard it has been for PepsiCo's marketing executives recently. The soft-drink category has been in decline in U.S. for seven straight years, Pepsi was losing its consumers to competitors, and brand was drifting away from its loyal consumers.
If you have a dog, you know the power of puppy eyes. How can you say no to those watery expectant eyes? But for Harvey, the UK TV Marketing Organization--Thinkbox's puppy, who has more than just puppy eyes--he has the power of TV Advertising! Two years ago, Harvey's "Dogs Home" TV commercial landed him with a nice couple. This time, his emotional storytelling TV ad saves his best friend's life:
Reimbursement Principles Inc. (RPI) has been a great client for the past three years! What started with a need for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expertise, eventually earned FiG a complete rebranding project with RPI.

Sharing A Coke

Wednesday, 25 April 2012 07:35
Coca-Cola has been bringing us together one soda at time since 1944. Their advertisements have been funny, emotional, and inspiring. Yet, sleek and innovative aren't necessarily the first words to come to mind when thinking about the Coca-Cola brand. Well, apparently their marketers think differently and this time they have caught us all off guard with Sharing a Coke!

Visual Advertising Online

Friday, 13 April 2012 03:00
Social Media going visual is the latest trend in marketing and advertising. If you remember in one of our most recent blogs, almost half of of U.S. marketers planned to boost up their digital marketing spending in 2012, especially increasing their budgets on video advertisements.