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How The Differences Between Search Engines Impact PPC In Denver

The world of advertising is constantly evolving and search engine ads are no exception. From auction process changes to data privacy concerns, search engine advertising can be confusing. If your pay-per-click (PPC) ads aren’t on the right search engines, you won’t get the results you need. The search engine you choose can influence the effectiveness of your PPC in Denver. It’s important to know how advertising changes across search engines.

Which Search Engine Is Best For My PPC Denver Campaign?

You want the best results for your business. To achieve those results, your search engine marketing needs to be appropriately targeted. Let’s compare the top-tier search engines and see which ones are best for PPC campaigns in Denver.


It’s no secret that Google dominates the search engine market. They own over 65% of the search market share in the US. Roughly 4 billion searches occur on Google across the world on a daily basis. It is, without a doubt, the most popular search engine in the world. The widespread popularity makes Google the number 1 choice for PPC in Denver, the US, and the entire world. Because Google is so widely used, it’s nearly impossible to detail the demographics of the average user.

Google Ads allow you to easily reach your target market quickly and efficiently, but it can come at a large cost. While the average cost-per-click (CPC) for most Google Ads is between $1 to $2, certain keywords can cost over $50 for each click! This price surge is due to the intense advertising competition on Google. Since Google is the most popular search engine, an argument could be made that it’s the best place to advertise.

The sheer volume of daily searches that occur on Google means that if your PPC campaign focuses on generic keywords, you’ll most likely end up wasting your marketing budget and getting little-to-no leads. It’s very important to be strategic in your keyword selection for any Google Ads campaigns.

Bing & Yahoo

Google may be the most popular search engine, but it doesn’t have a stranglehold on the market. The Microsoft search engine, Bing, is Google’s biggest contender. By the latest reports, they receive roughly 33% of all U.S. searches. That number has been growing very slowly, albeit steadily. This means that Bing is also a reliable search engine for PPC campaigns.

Who uses Bing in the U.S.? From a variety of research, we can make some general assumptions about average the Bing searcher:

  • Bing users are less technically savvy (87% of users search through Internet Explorer).

  • Typically, they are 35+ in age and are likely to have children.

  • Bing users are generally more blue collar than white collar.

If this sounds like the target audience for your Denver PPC campaign, you should most certainly be advertising on Bing.

Of course, when we talk about Bing, we have to mention Yahoo. Thanks to the Yahoo-Microsoft search alliance of 2009, Yahoo’s search engine is fully powered by Bing. What does this mean for your PPC Denver campaign? Any ads you run through Bing can be shown on Yahoo search results, as well.

It’s worth noting that advertisers have a choice when it comes to running ads on Yahoo. You’ll need to ask yourself, “Should we advertise on Yahoo?” The search engine still holds roughly 7.8% of the US search engine market share. However, most of that traffic comes from states in the south and the Rust Belt region.

Currently, Yahoo is not very widely used as a search engine in Colorado. Yahoo holds only 4.37% of the search engine market share in Colorado. So, it’s not the best search engine for PPC in Denver. If you’re utilizing Microsoft Ads in Colorado, you can probably skip over Yahoo’s search engine.


In an age of privacy concerns and data regulations, this search engine has had a significant rise. DuckDuckGo is one of the few search engines that does not track their users. They strive to protect the privacy of their users and avoid the filter bubble of personalized search results. It’s the go-to search engine for anyone concerned about their internet privacy or data tracking. The hyper security of DuckDuckGo can present a unique problem for PPC in Denver.

If you can’t track user data, how can you properly advertise on this search engine?

DuckDuckGo has a simple approach to paid search advertising. Their search ads are solely based on keywords. That’s it. Unlike the other top-tier search engines, DuckDuckGo doesn’t rely on user data to show relevant ads. Currently, their sponsored links are syndicated through Yahoo. So, when you run Microsoft Ads, your ads can automatically enter rotation in DuckDuckGo searches.

Here's the real question, though: Is it worth it to display your ads on DuckDuckGo?

Absolutely. Thanks to all the recent fears over data privacy, interest in DuckDuckGo has grown substantially. As of writing this, over 43 million searches takes place on DuckDuckGo every day. In terms of mobile search visits, DuckDuckGo is up 64% year-over-year. You just can’t ignore those numbers when it comes to PPC in Denver. This search engine is exploding in popularity and it would be foolish not to opt in now.

Which Search Engine Should I Place My Ads On?

Each search engine has their pros and cons. Depending on your ideal target profile, one search engine may be better for your PPC campaign. For instance, if you’re selling tech services, Bing would be a must. If you’re opening a new trendy restaurant, Google is the way to go.

When it comes to PPC in Denver, the best approach doesn’t focus on one search engine. The best PPC campaign is multi-pronged. You’ll get the best results when your ads are listed across multiple search engines, instead of just one.

Thankfully, these top-tier search engines make it easy. Once you place an advertisement on Google, you can import that same campaign into Microsoft Advertising. This way, you can run the same ads across Google, Bing, Yahoo, and even DuckDuckGo. It’s the first step towards effective PPC in Denver.

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