Wednesday, 16 June 2010 07:32

Let Us Help You Find Todays Social Media!

New websites, Facebook, and Twitter are the components of a triple threat for FiG Advertising and Marketing. After a lot of hard work our new website is up and running for the world to see and even better, we are now on Facebook AND Twitter! We are paving the way and leading by example for our clients and pursuing the world on the Internet so check us out!

You may wonder what the huge fuss is about social media and why “Facebook”, “Twitter”, or “MySpace” (and don't say MySpace is dead until you read the rest of this blog; don't get smart with me...) come up in daily conversation. Well, step into the 21st century because those are three of the leading social media sites in the world and those sites hold huge opportunities for businesses just like yours! Apparently there are over 400 million people on Facebook and roughly 50% of them log on in any give day. Those numbers are HUGE! Imagine the opportunities at your company's feet.... :) If you are on Facebook you are now easily accessible to those 400 million people, not to mention the millions of other users on MySpace and Twitter. Talk about a great way to generate word of mouth.

Even better, people are now accessing these sites through their mobile phones. Yes, this may make them slightly addicted to social media, but what do you care? This addiction just increased your chances of being seen in the social media world, and that is really the ultimate goal you are chasing.

Now that you know the importance of these websites, you may ask what the differences between them are and how they can be utilized for different industries. As it has been proven already, Facebook is a large network that is great to be used for gaining personal relationships with your customers. Facebook enables you to “friend” people and create a bond through certain aps and features. Moreover, MySpace is tailored towards independent artists and musicians searching for their primary fan base. These artists are able to post new music on their page to showcase for their fans. Finally, Twitter is used to find new customers rather than forming that personal relationship you hope to create in the future. It allows you to easily update “followers” with any new promotions or additions made within your company.

If you feel slightly overwhelmed by these numbers and the whole “internet friends” thing you are in luck because FiG Advertising and Marketing has great hold on how it all works and we are here to help you. So while you are sitting in that recliner watching your favorite World Cup team play and browsing our site, make sure to check our our portfolio and new start-up and small business packages that we introduced with the new site. We are only a couple clicks away from you and your business and those clicks can be the difference in “making it” and “breaking it”.